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Boom-A-Rang is a locally owned and operated re-sale brick and mortar business with more than 36 years of experience providing estate buy-out, consignment and on site estate sale services.


You can get our help with estate liquidation including managing inventory, setting the price, marketing and sale of your estate.



Estate Buyouts – We can purchase your estate if you don’t have the time for an on site sale.  This way, you'll get the money for all your items without all the hard work and time required to host a sale.


Estate Consignment – If you're trying to sell a property as early as possible, but need to clear out all the items before hand, or just want to stage your home by getting rid of the extraneous housewares, Boom-A-Rang can help you. We can pre-view and negotiate what we believe we can use and arrange for a pick-up and give you an inventory list so you can track what has sold.  We can even help with disposal or donation of things that cannot be sold at our brick and mortar store.


Estate Sales - If you want more bang for your buck and have time on your hands, for a sale at your residence, the Boom-a-Rang can do the sale for you for either a percentage or a fee.  You can either stay and lend a hand or have the Boom-a-Rang do it for you.  

Estate Sale Services

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